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Monday, 20 October 2008


I had a huge amount of fun on Sunday at the race - the course was brilliant, the support was brilliant, the conditions were brilliant and my new tubs stayed on! I had some super sketchy moments, especially on that fast sweeping left hander early on in the woods (you know the one!).

I got a flyer off the line, somehow pulling out a gap on the field! That skinsuit must be giving me extra powers! From here I got my head down and tried to ride smooth, but also backed off a little so as not to completely roast myself.

After a couple of laps Dan Whitehead caught up but somehow he dropped off after a couple of laps and I was out alone again. I'm not used to this feeling, so maybe my confidence to totally commit to go for the win wasn't quite there, but as James started to close in a shout from the TSPC/VCM pits in the woods of "dig deep - you can do it!" gave me a huge boost to keep riding hard. Thanks for all the cheers. "Eye of the Tiger!" also helped, even if I did do a wobble straight after!

James caught up and was riding strong, faster than me on some bits, me faster than him in others. On the final lap I made a mistake on a short steep bit on the far part of the course and he had 30m gap. I tried hard to close this up but into the car park he had the win in the bag and I rolled in a fews seconds down. Feelings straight after swung from initial elation at the race being over and getting second, to a little frustration at missing out on the win to then just happy..

I'm was extremely chuffed with 2nd though and how i'm going at the mo'. I didn't expect to be leading the series after 3 races! Getting some good results has really boosted my confidence.

Must get "Eye of the Tiger" on the MP3 for Mugdock.

Can't wait..

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chrisD said...

awesome ride young man, 3 races, 3 winners, one leader!