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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Mugdock CX

I had the honor, today, of being called up to the front of the line for the start of the Mugdock cross race. "Great!" I'm thinking... "Gonna get a sweet position for that bit of off camber grass round the corner." Not so. Before i even got near I was severely cut up by some excessively ungentlemanly behaviour. The said non-gentleman mashed his way on and cut up two more people who let him know their disapproval more vocally than had I. I passed him (to my immense satisfaction) mere minutes later as he was breathing out his *rseh*le, suffering from his shoddy attempt at grabbing the hole shot.

Gripes aside, it was another great race. Props to GMBC for putting in the hard yards. Muchos mud, skiddy grass and perishingly cold. Perfect!


chrisD said...

I too encountered the overweight oaf what a moron, you'll be pleased to hear I cut him up real bad on the singletrack climb where he was indeed suffering like a piggy,
There did seem to be a lot of novice racers which on such a tight slippy course did make for some big moments of self control.

Great result again Anja, waiting on GMBC getting me the complete results to publish the league.

uncle g said...

Great result Anja (holeshots are good though ;-)

dougal.s said...

Name and shame!