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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Did someone say it never rains at D2D?

Whilst you were all rushing round in circles in the dazzling sunlight, I was out cutting some o's of my own, albeit slightly larger ones in somewhat different conditions. Phil the Horse and I had a crack at Dusk til Dawn, with the intention of getting some good mileage out of our single speeds as a mixed pair. And that we did - in triumphant fashion.

I can say however, Chris, I was far less resplendent in my skin suit on it's first outing than your good self. I can also say, that white skin suits take on quite a different hue when wet, and the amount of mud lodged between it and you becomes quite conspicuous... much to the amusement of the crowd gathered at the finish line as dawn broke and I completed my last lap.

There's a good write up of the night on the British Cycling web site and some photo evidence of the biblical rains we endured on Joolz's site.

There were many dirty damp but friendly faces, including that of Deano, who took an impressive 8th in the solo mens, Phil Hodgkiss, Nigel and Gareth all completing the sapping 12hr mud grovel. Jenn Hopkins took the sensible option by pulling the plug early to get warm, clean(ish). Jenn, along with Adam (a man who will change a tire when you most need it!), doled out oodles of support coffee and the odd whiskey for the dogged riders who were silly enough to battle on.

For those of you who are concerned about the fate of above mentioned skin suit, it washed up quite nicely and is ready for a sunny ride in Aviemore this weekend ;-)


Dean said...

I fear my VCM jersey may be permanently blotchy-brown - 2 washes and a lot of scrubbing have left it less than Daz-white!

Amazing effort for the win from Phil and Anja.

Great event as always, put on by a great team. Love and hugs to all the friends who were there.

chrisD said...

I hear you had an impressive ride yourself,