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Monday, 27 October 2008

Mugdock Earth Moving Project

I figure  for next year we hold every round of the cross series at Mugdock and we will remove enough dirt to turn the park into a lake! Just a thought.

I had a terrible race, I struggled with every aspect, looking forward to the more traditional courses of Peebles, and the Fife double header but mostly the sand at Irvine, should be good.

Nice showing from Anja, Andy and Johnny(final result not in yet)

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andytrailfettler said...

my poor steed is still caked in cack this eve. Feeling very guilty for not cleaning it yet. The skinsuit however was straight in the wash and has come out braw!

Didn't go too well Sunday either. After the giddy highs of two second places previously I was up for the another good ride. Alas, although I got a good start, I was riding rubbish and just went backwards to 6th, where I stayed... Just couldn't ride hard, course was too mountain bikey for me. Then I got cold and stopped thinking about racing.

Reckon a windproof vest, better gloves, cap and super hot balm will sort me out or more pies..or daily cold showers whilst listening to 'Eye of the Tiger'.. Oh and some work on technical riding...

Having whinged about the course, have to say well done to the Glasgow MBC crew for a good race and top turn out.

Roll on Peebles!