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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

More Auchentoshan

Auchentoshan once more delivered a classic race, after a pretty decent start I was quickly passed by DrJon, when I tried to kick to put up chase nothing happened, bah, I quickly started to go backwards and was feeling pretty rubbish to be honest. Thank heavens for the arrival of arch nemesis Davie Graham, that was just the motivation I needed, we proceeded to race each other into the ground, it is pretty unusual to have such a good rivaled race from the middle of the pack but this was pretty inspiring stuff, the upshot though was that I started to feel pretty good and managed to get a wee gap which I held for the line finishing only a lap down on the leaders for the first ever time! Delighted. Good work Davie.

Also awesome stuff from Andy-W and Anja, both are firing on all cylinders right now, mighty fast folks.

BAd luck Marty, John, and Jac, spare wheels are needed all round I think!

Big thanks to Glasgow United for delivering a great race.

Pic courtesy of Alan Mclean and lots more quality ones here he really seems to have captured the spirit of the event, excellent work Alan, I couldn't find any contact details on your flickr page, so get in touch if you aren't happy about us using the pics.


martysavalas said...

spare wheels are needed all round I think!
indeed. anyone got a pair of 700c wheels going cheap?

crosser nut said...

I may have one or two in me shed...

martysavalas said...

ooh. watcha got? number of speeds and shimano/campag not an issue.