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Saturday, 18 October 2008

big weekend of racing ahead

First up  Saturday is the Hairy Coo which John McCallum is going to take on, good luck to him, looking out the window this morning it's mighty wet out there, Go Johnny Go. 
Tomorrow is round 3(2) of the SCX at the legendary Auchentoshan course, famed for its mud and close proximity to the distillery of the same name, this should prove to be a tough old mud fest. But it promises to be a good turnout for the team with at the last count 7 riders heading there (Anja, Jac, Marty, John, Andy, Dougy, Me) and it looks like some unruly weather will be making its first appearance of this cross season.
And down south Paul Davies is racing I think here good luck wee man.

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crosser nut said...

and the white skinsuits will never be the same again........