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Monday, 6 October 2008


Raced my first 'cross race of the season on Sunday - Round 1 of the Scottish Cyclocross in Glasgow. Only been waiting 8 months for this!

The course was a cracker - fast bits, draggy bits, muddy bits, slick off camber turns, drifty hockey pitch material turns, sand pit, run up, slow 180 degree turns, steps, bollard (to avoid), lots of folk watching, tunes in the pit area, jammy on the mic. Well done and thank you very much to everyone who put the course together.

Looking resplendent (debatable) in my brand spanking VCM skin suit I lined up on the second row and got a good start slotting into 4th on the first turn. Here I stayed, on the back of the first group (save for Gareth Montgomery who had already gapped everyone else) until lap 3 when a poorly timed bunny hop over a tiny step landed me with a rear puncture. After some back end slip-sliding and a quick trip to the pits I'd dropped to around 10th. The next few laps didn't feel too good but by mid race I got back into it and was able to push myself hard, avoid crashing and move back upto 4th place by the end. Well chuffed with this.

Can't wait for this Sunday's race at Aviemore. Should have my spangly new tubular wheels ready for then.

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