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Sunday, 5 October 2008

SCX Bannerman High School

Cross season is upon us and round one of the SCX kicked off in glorious sunshine in the East End of Glasgow. The course had been sewn together by various SCX board members and a couple of helpers, big thankyou to Chris Marquis.
But what of the racing?
VCM were represented by Andy W, Jac, Marty and Myself and the big news was the first outing for mine and Andy's skinsuits!
The gun went off and all the pain of a year of waiting was channelled into tired legs and cross racing was back. I got a reasonable start and waited to tire like I normally do, but my legs felt pretty good, must have been some benefit to the 3Peaks after all, I found myself in a little group containing Dr Jon, Al Dow and another geezer in a red top who judging by his silver tinged sideys was in my category, I plugged away working on the parts of the course to try and make a gap and slowly it happened, when I eventually got a gap on the doctor, I was starting to think about who might be lurking in front of me. I just kept it going feeling good and rewarded for having taken some illustrious scalps, but I was gloating too soon. No sooner had I shook them off than the back tyre made the wrong noise and the bike started to squirm around, bollocks. Blessedly I was near the start finish and rode what I could and got to the pits to make a wheel change, big mistake, the wheel I was changing had a slightly wider rim meaning the straddle cable wouldn't reattach, luckily the Campag Ergo levers have a QR built into them, I flipped the switch and the brakes connected and I was off. But the Doc had a gap and there was no way he was going to give it back to me, rightly so, I hasten to add. 
Anyway, the race quickly seemed to reach its climax without any other incidence, so I got a 16th overall and 6th in my category, pretty good start to the season me thinks. 

Andy W rolled in 4th, Marty 28th and Jac 34th (4th woman)

I really enjoyed that, here's to the rest of the season. DrJon

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